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Do you have a paper that you wrote during your studies? Perhaps an opinion piece that you would like to share?  Or just feel like there is something you would like to write or comment about?
Do you want to contribute your writings on tw3?

If the answer is YES, than we hereby invite you to publish your work and other writings on tw3: an interactive, online platform for academics, researchers, professionals and anyone interested in Media Studies, social science research, new media, social networks, information theory  and other related fields.

Traditional publishing in academic journals is slow, has limited readership and provides you little opportunity to interact with your readers. Publishing your work on tw3 allows you to really share your ideas, to receive feedback on your ideas and to get inspired by other ideas. It helps you develop your ideas and to build stronger research. Publishing is fast and, if your work is approved, it will be online within days. It helps you build your reputation as a good researcher and academic and thereby improves your credibility and authority in your field or industry.

simply fill in the form below and we will be in touch with you soon
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