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We love to share – it’s what makes us human

Much can be learned from observing our closest living relatives -- chimpanzees, apes, and even baboons. Researchers are trying to map out behavioral similarities and differences among the great apes and our hominid ancestors. They hope to, perhaps, find clues that shed light on the story of tools and human evolution, from early Oldowan technologies to today's highly complex ones. One area of research revolv ...

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What is Web 3.0?

The world of technology has come a long ways since the days of vacuum tubes and transistors.  The first electronic computers ever built, such as the IBM Eniac, weighted approximately 80 tons and took up a whole room in size. Today, computers can be as small the size of the palm of a hand, and people with Smartphones, PCs, tablets, or any other Internet connection, have access to more computing power than ex ...

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Digital Future – Man and Machine

The Web 3.0 is an evolving product. The parameters of the product are fluid and constantly shift.  As a consequence, delineations of the discussion are also constantly fluctuating.  There are profound questions that need to be addressed on just what directions our advanced technology is taking us.  Many science fictions movies over the years have presented different scenarios of future technological progres ...

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The Singularity

Technology is advancing at such a rapid, exponential rate, it is virtually impossible for a single individual to keep track of all the changes. Indeed, this is one of the effects of humanity’s total immersion in an electronic web, that of the perception of time speeding up. The Web 3.0 is so interactive now, we zip from hyperlink to hyperlink, and before you know it, the entire 24 hour day has passed in the ...

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Apple’s SIRI

Apple has been synonymous with innovation and giving the consumers a cut above the rest. Every time Apple launches a new product or a newer version of the product, a new yet very useful feature is brought to the consumers. SIRI is the latest invention from the Apple stable. With the launch of Apple iPhone 4S, apple introduced the smartest virtual assistant, SIRI that can efficiently locate whatever you want ...

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