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Google Search – how we fetishize it and why we shouldn’t

Has search become a product? Is it possible that we, as human beings have this inherent characteristic about us that compels us to search? Search has become so ingrained in our day to day lives. We search for music on iTunes, search Netflix for movies, search Amazon for books, and use Google to search for practically anything. We search for love, for lost keys, for "the next best thing", and we search for p ...

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Google – the political economy of search

Search is the most fundamental task in Internet use. It assists us to navigate through the vast amount of information that is available over the World Wide Web.  As technology advances it compels us to turn to digital means to search for information pertaining to our everyday existence and concerns.  It seems like every other website has a little search box somewhere on the top of the page.  These are just ...

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TMI – Too much information

We have all heard or said this expression in different situations. When someone shares too many details about a specific event, when we hear things we don’t want to hear, or whenever some piece of information is passed through our way; from offline to online, this expression has become even more prevalent in the information society.   Web 2.0 has brought about the possibility for any individual with ac ...

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