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Commercialization of Experience – Online Dating

Could we claim that the technological developments and the variety of tools and media platforms that unfold before us are causing us, as human beings, to distance ourselves from one another, lower the level of interaction and encourage social alienation, or rather these are merely additional platforms, which enable us to enrich the ways in which human beings initiate interactions? It seems that this questio ...

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IBM 5 + 5

Recently in the news India has announced that it will be using unique biometric identifiers (B.I.) for all of its 1.3 billion people.It is called the Unique Identification Authority. The proposed B.I. will consist of fingerprint scans for all ten fingers, iris scans for both eyes, and a picture of the face. Other types of B.I. available are voice pattern recognition, gait pattern recognition, hand geometry, ...

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SOPA: Information Controlled Society?

The origins of what we know today as "the Internet" are still hotly debated.When computers first became operational around the 1950's, they were connected to terminals in a form of point-to-point communication. Eventually computer networks became interconnected, and thus terminal-to-terminal connections were created. One theory about the origins of the Internet is that research scientists needed a faster wa ...

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The Digital Network – video

Network from Michael Rigley on Vimeo. Information technology has become a ubiquitous presence. By visualizing the processes that underlie our interactions with this technology we can trace what happens to the information we feed into the network. BFA Thesis CCA Graphic Design ...

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Digital Future – Man and Machine

The Web 3.0 is an evolving product. The parameters of the product are fluid and constantly shift.  As a consequence, delineations of the discussion are also constantly fluctuating.  There are profound questions that need to be addressed on just what directions our advanced technology is taking us.  Many science fictions movies over the years have presented different scenarios of future technological progres ...

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