IBM 5 + 5 Reviewed by Momizat on . Recently in the news India has announced that it will be using unique biometric identifiers (B.I.) for all of its 1.3 billion people.It is called the Unique Ide Recently in the news India has announced that it will be using unique biometric identifiers (B.I.) for all of its 1.3 billion people.It is called the Unique Ide Rating:
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IBM 5 + 5

IBM 5 + 5
Recently in the news India has announced that it will be using unique biometric identifiers (B.I.) for all of its 1.3 billion people.It is called the Unique Identification Authority. The proposed B.I. will consist of fingerprint scans for all ten fingers, iris scans for both eyes, and a picture of the face. Other types of B.I. available are voice pattern recognition, gait pattern recognition, hand geometry, palm vein authentication, and signature.  Biometrics are unique for every single person born, therefore eliminating risks of false copying, forgery and fraud. Additionally, these identifiers can never be lost or stolen. However, should we be concerned about the government’s storage of these unique personal identifiers? What implications may this have on our privacy and the government’s power to intervene in our private lifes?

Around 440 million people in India live below poverty levels, surviving on social services and infrastructure. However, the vast majority of that 440 million people does not have ID’s or bank accounts. Under the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), these B.I.’s will serve as signatures and ID cards. Some advocates concerned about privacy issues have however questioned whether this will lead to a Big Brother/Brave New World Control Grid, where the ubiquitous State controls, surveills, and monitors every facet of a person’s existence. Coincidentally, IBM has released a new study revealing that the future of humanity is 5 in 5; passwords will become extinct (through B.I.’s), mind reading and mind/machine linkup will no longer be science fiction, and the “digital divide” (the gap between information-have’s and have-not’s) will cease to exist, among other things.



There are societal trends analyses that indicate that within the next five years 5.6 billion mobile devices will be sold to a global population of 7 billion people. This means that 80% of the global population will have access to the World Wide Web, Internet Semantic Web, and the Web 3.0. The technology of mind-reading machines is bio-informatics, and the technology already exists, albeit at somewhat of a rudimentary stage. The human brain operates on electrochemical signals, or electromagnetic frequencies. Thus it is possible to link computers to those electromagnetic signals and through sophisticated processes provide a direct mind-machine-computer link. Many science fiction movies and books have been written over the years exploring what the outcome of this mind-machine interface will mean for the human race. Will we become like the CY-BORGS of Star Trek fame? Will our humanity be erased, and will something new and alien emerge in our place? These are real issues that need to be addressed, for the technology is here and now.

There is an interesting video out there in cyberspace entitled Data Mining the Soul”; it is a very short, but very powerful visualization of an abstract concept of how much of our digital profile is being “mined” by various entities. In fact, some libertarians are decrying the India move to biometrically ID all their citizens as the proverbial “selling your soul to the Devil” for a Biblical “mess of pottage”. Naturally that leads into the Christian concept of the infamous “Mark of the Beast” and 666 as portrayed in the Christian bible. Will the Universal Biometric System in fact be a fulfillment of Christian theology? Are governments and corporations our saviors, with only our best altruistic interests in mind? Or are there more nefarious and ‘diabolical’ motivations involved? The entire subject can be investigated in the area of “ponerology”, or the nature of political evil. Some have portrayed this as “Snakes in Suits”, a.k.a. psychopaths.

Humanity is indeed at a crossroads, and 2012 may indeed prove to be that intersection of technology and spirituality; for good or for evil.

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