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Insights in Market Research: 5 tips to get you thinking differently

If you Google "insight definition" you will probably get the following: "the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing." Digging a little deeper, you will also find out that the root of the word comes from Middle English (English spoken from the 11th-15th century) to mean "mental vision and wisdom". There are many other attempts to define the word, and they all point ...

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Opinion Piece: What is broken with Mobile Marketing?

Mobile advertising still remains elusive, but this can be fixed. Service providers are still struggling to serve proper ads through their mobile platforms.  Currently, these sponsored ads are better suited for time sensitive events rather than for awareness-building efforts where they fall short with scarce user engagement. Why is mobile so important to brands? Quite simply put: it is the one display medium ...

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Media Framing: how to notice and handle it correctly?

We've seen it during Operation Pillar of Defense, but media framing is everywhere and at all times. As a part of the Media War, it is very important that we will be able to notice media framing, and handle it correctly. Here are a few tips... The part the media have in our lives is not something to undermine. Each and every one of us relies on one of the various media forms to receive information on recent ...

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Third-Person Effect in Social Media Marketing

Third-Person Effect (TPE) is a sociological term coined by Philip Davison in 1983. It hypothesizes that media consumers in general tend to believe that the media has more influence on other people than on themselves. This concept supposedly came about during the time of World War II when an all-African American unit that was stationed at Iwo Jimma at the time received Japanese propaganda that emphasized tha ...

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Branding – now and then

In a media saturated environment,  branding is a challenge.  Some messages are more visible than others and the general public is in a constant mode of reception. Consumption is the goal.    Branding in this crowded arena  can be a challenging task.  A challenge to get specific messages across while struggling to capture the attention of audiences who are bombarded with thousands of different messages from ...

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