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Kate is a teacher from the American Northwest. She has taught on two Indian reservations, in inner city schools and overseas. Kate has been working outside of the United States for fourteen years. She is presently doing and interim year at the American International School in Vienna. Kate has a strong interest in cultural history, in architecture, and in mythology. her training has been in traditional techniques: printmaking, ceramics, drawing, painting, and mixed media. Kate has stretched her expertise to include many different kinds of techniques in the years she has spent in an art studio with students. While living in Prague, Kate did refugee work for several years; working with NGOs from the Helsinki Committee and the UN. Over the past three years she's been active with students from my Homeroom class, supporting a women's refugee center, and other charitable organizations.

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Kony 2012 – flash mob political action

My freshman art class approached me with Jason Russell’s film on Kony and wanted to do Shepard Fairy-esque posters and raise awareness. I had another unit planned so the discussion was about: do you want to learn to paint apples from direct observation or help catch a serial killer. We're doing the unit on Kony so I read up and was surprised at the amount of negative press Russell's film is getting. Former ...

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