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Gal Yavetz

Research Fellow at Orange institute for Internet Studies - Tel Aviv University. Main Interests: Social Networks, E-Gov, E-Health, Digital Divide.

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Third-Person Effect in Social Media Marketing

Third-Person Effect (TPE) is a sociological term coined by Philip Davison in 1983. It hypothesizes that media consumers in general tend to believe that the media has more influence on other people than on themselves. This concept supposedly came about during the time of World War II when an all-African American unit that was stationed at Iwo Jimma at the time received Japanese propaganda that emphasized tha ...

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The Un-Social Media

Recent reports show that the EU has decided to limit facebook’s usage of users’ data for advertising purposes. This decision arrives at a most critical time for facebook as it is approaching its IPO date. The targeted advertising platform offered by facebook, which allows advertiser to approach very specific target audiences, is what made advertising on facebook very productive but at the same time has rais ...

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