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Amit Louis is the founder and owner of tw3. Currently he lives in Toronto. Amit has an MA in Communications from the University of Tel Aviv and a BA High Honours in Mass communication from Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. Amit enjoys research (especially those "ah ha" moments) that leads to an insightful fact based story. His passion lies with teaching, instructing, marketing, communication, all things media, and people!

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Insights in Market Research: 5 tips to get you thinking differently

If you Google "insight definition" you will probably get the following: "the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing." Digging a little deeper, you will also find out that the root of the word comes from Middle English (English spoken from the 11th-15th century) to mean "mental vision and wisdom". There are many other attempts to define the word, and they all point ...

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What is Media Studies?

My mother had asked me the other day "can you please tell me what is it exactly that you are studying?" It took me some time to think of an appropriate answer. It is a question I am confronted with almost each time I tell someone that I am doing my Phd in Media Studies. In a society where we are mostly concerned with the bottom line, with what immediate tangible benefits we can see from the work that we do, ...

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A Kickstart To Understanding Baudrillard’s Simulacra and Simulation

Let me first start by saying that this is not one of those books that you would pick up as a light afternoon read. I came across this text during my studies, and it posed and still poses many challenges. In writing this post I am not pretending to have a thorough understanding of Baudrillard's concepts, far from it. I would like this post to serve, as the title suggests, as a starting point in understanding ...

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Commercialization of Experience – Online Dating

Could we claim that the technological developments and the variety of tools and media platforms that unfold before us are causing us, as human beings, to distance ourselves from one another, lower the level of interaction and encourage social alienation, or rather these are merely additional platforms, which enable us to enrich the ways in which human beings initiate interactions? It seems that this questio ...

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Google Search – how we fetishize it and why we shouldn’t

Has search become a product? Is it possible that we, as human beings have this inherent characteristic about us that compels us to search? Search has become so ingrained in our day to day lives. We search for music on iTunes, search Netflix for movies, search Amazon for books, and use Google to search for practically anything. We search for love, for lost keys, for "the next best thing", and we search for p ...

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