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David is an inventor, and author and a serial entrepreneur. Co-founded Adcquire, Inc. and WeWl Telecommunications, Inc. as well as the Royal International Society for the Advancement of Telecommunications. David is passionate about technology and human behavior, specifically in fields where cognitive neuropsychology converges with technological advancement in artificial intelligence, adaptive learning systems and networks. David holds several patents ranging from mechanical to software IP. He studied Engineering, Music and Philosophy in UWO and Strategic Management at Harvard. In his free time he writes fiction and science fiction novels (under the pen name "David M. Sternberg") as well as dabbles with cinematic arts (mainly visual effects, cinematography and composition)

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Opinion Piece: What is broken with Mobile Marketing?

Mobile advertising still remains elusive, but this can be fixed. Service providers are still struggling to serve proper ads through their mobile platforms.  Currently, these sponsored ads are better suited for time sensitive events rather than for awareness-building efforts where they fall short with scarce user engagement. Why is mobile so important to brands? Quite simply put: it is the one display medium ...

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