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About tw3

What is tw3 all about?

Writing is not an easy task. It is a struggle, a challenge, and a very rewarding experience. I started tw3 in 2012  in part to help me write better. I wanted to use the site to help me with my studies; I read my assigned readings and as a practice I put my notes together and posted them up.  But later I discovered that tw3 became more than that. I started to think about a site that could act as a testbed of ideas, a hub for people just like me who are interested in media studies, social sciences and information studies.

tw3 is the first website of its kind to combine academic theory and critical thought with practical implementation of those same theories in our daily lives. I hope that tw3 will encourage you to engage in an open discussion about what interests you in the fields of media studies, social sciences, and information studies. We are living in a media saturated environment and as such it is important not only to observe it but also to critically analyze it and examine its effects on our lives.

Why did I name the site tw3?

Since the early 90’s the world wide web has quickly developed from a static source of information (Web 1.0) to an interactive and mobile platform (Web 2.0). The next iteration was named: Semantic web or Web 3.0, which has much to do with the analyzing, organizing and connecting of the ever-expanding web-content. My interest in media studies coupled with my goal in making academic knowledge more accessible and practical have led me to create tw3. My dream is that tw3 will be able to provide the latest work and research from students, researchers and professionals in the fields of media studies, communications, sociology, information studies and other relevant fields. My dream is for tw3 to become a hub where you can find posts that appeal to you, engage with them by commenting, and even submit your own blog post. If you have a paper you wrote, a thought you would like to develop or any other material you feel is relevant I recommend sending it in. For more information, click here.

Thank you for visiting and I hope that you will find this site helpful


Amit Louis

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