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Google Search – how we fetishize it and why we shouldn’t

Has search become a product? Is it possible that we, as human beings have this inherent characteristic about us that compels us to search? Search has become so ingrained in our day to day lives. We search for music on iTunes, search Netflix for movies, search Amazon for books, and use Google to search for practically anything. We search for love, for lost keys, for "the next best thing", and we search for p ...

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Nowism – Plato, Marx and instant gratification

Try to take a second or two to think of how many products and services use the pre-fix of "Instant"? Looking back to the first advancements in communication technologies it seems that sending messages from producers to audiences in shorter amounts of time has been a catalyst for advancements in technology.  Mobile operators have been seeing a growing demand for data usage by mobile cellular phone users beca ...

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